Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous

Yellow flower

Yellow flower

Continued reading the chapter on will this be on the exam – “What I wish I knew when I was twenty” written by Tina Seeling I noted a sentence says : “Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, and you won’t have a second chance to do your best.” it’s linked with the other sentence of the chapter which says “Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous

What does it mean?

In my opinion, in real life people always compete each other, especially, in business world. Business people most likely seek ways to compete with their rivals. Sometimes, after competing each other they end up close down their business. This is not good. They should think of a better way, instead of looking at the other companies as their rival they should view them as their business partners. Cooperation is crucial in this case, so they should play more role to help each other improve their business. As we know that we cannot live alone we depend on others. Then they should not miss the opportunity to be an excellent business partner.

In addition, in term of customer service business people should pay more attention on their excellent services. As all business does have one common thought is that “treat the customer as the king.” This is good because you don’t have a second chance to meet this customer again. So, why not create good impression of yourself when the first time you serve the customer and continue serving the best service. In conclusion, don’t miss a chance to do your best.

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