Do it or try to do it?

Orange flowers

Orange flowers

After reading the chapter about will this be on the exam – “What I wish I knew when I was twenty” written by Tina Seeling. I learned that:

It’s important to do things rather than just have feeling of wanting to do it and say such word “I will try to do it.” They are very different.

I can see in real life experience many students study at school in Cambodia did not have a lot of chance to actually apply their knowledge during their study. If we compare a business student and a seller at the market, who did not go to any schools, we can see that those sellers apply the theory above, do it, and the students study at school most likely don’t apply it.

Does this mean you don’t need to go to school to study as we can just do it instead of just know how to do it and actually don’t do it?

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2 Responses to Do it or try to do it?

  1. So, what is your solution?

  2. pochiii says:

    I don’t know too.

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