Tip when using computer “Right click”

right click

right click

When using computer usually people did not notice that using right click is very effective. Why?

It’s the answer to many of your problems when you use any computer program. If you have problem try right click on that part, you will see list of option for you to choose.

For example if you right click on an icon on menu, it will show you option whether you want to open, properties and etc. So, you can choose to open the program or click on properties to view the program properties. In conclusion, you can choose what to do after you right click on the selected part in your computer.

Try it you will see how it works. It’s the best tip I would say if you know English. If you don’t know English, check dictionary, so you can know its meaning. Then you can choose what to do after right click! See! It’s easy.

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