Why do you use internet?

When asking question why do you use internet? Many people who are familiar with using internet will say that’s a stupid question to ask. However, in this post I want to share some ideas about why I use internet. I use internet to:

  1. Improve my learning : It’s common understanding that to improve knowledge you must use it. I try to share my knowledge on the internet in the expectation of sharpening it. I believe that the more I share my knowledge, the more chance that I sharpen it. If I don’t use my knowledge I will forget it. For example if I don’t use my writing skill, I will forget it. Therefore, in order to help me maintain as well as improve skills I possess, I decided to create this blog on sharing my experience and learning new things together with you. I hope you can join me study together.
  2. Entertain myself after work : There are a lot of websites that provide entertainment. I like using Facebook to communicate with friends and playing games. It can help me unleash my stress after 8 hours of work. Writing blog articles is also my favorite activity. That’s why I enjoy writing articles on this web blog. However, when I feel not good I don’t write anything. Usually, on the weekend I don’t write anything except I want to share something that I think I should share it immediately on weekends.
  3. Research : Internet plays significant role as sources of knowledge. There are million of websites that provide information almost about everything. It helps students and researchers a lot. I can find laws and regulations that I want to read easily by using internet. This is because people share this information on the net. Thank those kind people/organizations for their good resources online.
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