How to learn English faster

Learning English is not different from learning other languages. There are several common ways to improve your study. In this post I would like to introduce you some of my techniques I use for studying English. Let’s focus on how to improve the four main skills listening, reading, speaking and writing.

  • Listening: To improve your listening skill the best way is to listen regularly. There are a lot of radio stations that use English such as Love FM, BBC and the Radio Australia. Besides listening to radios, you can watch English movies on TV or DVD. For me I used to listen to Love FM and BBC radios a lot because I like musics. By listening to English musics I can improve my English at the same time entertain myself. That’s fun!
  • Reading: There are variety of ways to improve your reading skill. Regular reading is the best way to improve it. You should try to read those articles of your interest, so it can help you enjoy your reading and satisfy yourself with joyful articles, jokes, stories, or news. That’s also another fun way to improve reading skills. But do not forget, jot down vocabularies that you think you should know their meanings.
  • Speaking: Many people think that speaking skill can be improved by speaking to other people. However, it’s not always true. You can improve your speaking by reading out loud. When you read out loud you speak out the words, so day by day you will improve your speaking and reading skills. Sure, you should also practice speaking with your friends or teachers. I suggest you establish a study club, so that you can speak with your friends regularly.
  • Writing: Most people view writing skill the most difficult one among the four skills. Yes, it will be the most difficult if you don’t practice write down anything. If you write regularly you will improve it. You don’t have to write a long essay to improve your writing just write a small paragraph or so. Then you can start writing short essay, finally you will be able to write a paper. There are two main things that can improve your writing, one is ideas and another is structure. You can get many ideas to put in your writing through brainstorming when you read and listen a lot. You can write well and don’t waste your time thinking on how to organize your essay when you know well about its structure introduction, body and conclusion.

To best improve the four skills above, you should use them to help each other. You should use reading and listening to get many ideas use in your writing and speaking. You should use speaking and writing to remember vocabularies use in your reading and listening. Reading and listening need vocabularies, while speaking and writing need ideas.  Practice, practice and practice! If you have any ideas to share, you’re welcomed!

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