Encouragement Vs reprimand

Walking slowly to school passed a lot of trees and houses under the hot sun light, a little boy felt very upset about had been reprimanded by his parents. The boy thought in mind, “I try my best to study for my future. I just have not sufficient time to help them doing housework. Why do my parents always blame me about not being helpful with washing dishes? Maybe I should stop trying to study and I should spend my time help them instead. Should I do this?”

From the little boy’s story above, he is not happy about being reprimanded by his parents. He thinks that his parents are not reasonable because he tries to study hard that’s why he cannot help with housework. From this story, everyone doesn’t like to get reprimand. So, in your workplace if you are about to reprimand someone of doing something wrong, you should think about what will that person feel. Reprimand is usually not a good way to correct mistakes. Explanation why they should not do so is much better.

In the boy’s story above, if his parents didn’t reprimand him and instead told him that he should spend some of his time help wash dishes. If he could not help everyday maybe every other day. The parents should explain the reasons why his help is important. Maybe the parents should let him know that if he doesn’t wash dishes, her sister will do it everyday. Then she will not have sufficient time to spend on her study.

Instead of reprimand, the parents should encourage him to help his sister doing housework. They should give rewards when he help doing housework by bringing him to a restaurant and other fun places. It’s not different at the workplace. You should give encouragement to staff by explaining them the importance of their work. Give value to their work that they have done well. Let them know why their participation in doing the tasks is important. In addition, you should give them rewards when they achieve something. “Good job is worth rewarding!

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